Facilitated Decision-Making and Engagement

How can companies, organizations, communities and stakeholders gather feedback and make decisions – sustainable lasting decisions that are beneficial to all? We are experts in helping people make decisions. We engage leaders, stakeholders and interested parties by designing processes, bringing… read more ›


To plan is to set goals that can deliver and map out a path that is doable and effective. Our focus is to work with groups, stakeholders and decision-makers in creating a plan people can work with and build on into the future. The process of building the plan is as equally important as the… read more ›

Environmental and Social Assessments

During the process of environmental assessments, what approaches can be brought forward to find project design solutions and facilitate project support? Our team manages the human environment aspect of assessments within large scale natural resource and pipeline projects. We specialize in… read more ›

Evaluation and Analysis

How can focused reviews, detailed modelling, and critical analysis help decision-making? External reviews and research provide information to decision makers and stakeholders about what is working, what is not working and why. We facilitate a sharing of expertise to create solid decision making. We… read more ›


A home is the foundation for families and communities. How can we plan for housing and build strong, sustainable communities? We work with communities, universities and broad regions to assess, model and forecast housing needs. Developing a detailed understanding of household formation, housing… read more ›