Strategic Assessment of Oil and Gas in the Arctic - Arctic Council Oil and Gas Assessment

The Arctic Council serves as an intergovernmental forum to address common concerns and challenges of the eight Arctic States, including Canada. The Council is a forum for cooperation between national governments and indigenous peoples. The Council’s objective is to serve as a regional forum for sustainable development, mandated to address its three environmental, social and economic pillars. The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) serves as a program group of the Arctic Council. AMAP's current objective is "providing reliable and sufficient information on the status of, and threats to the Arctic environment, and providing scientific advice on actions to be taken in order to support Arctic governments in their efforts to take remedial and preventive actions relating to contaminants”.

Our team was retained as Canada’s appointed lead social and economic expert for the Arctic Council’s Arctic Oil and Gas Assessment and the Arctic Council’s Arctic Shipping Assessment.

Sunny Skies over the Arctic by Jeff Schmaltz / Public Domain